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Waco TX Defective Seat Belt Attorneys

Injured by Seat Belt Failure?

Do you believe your vehicle's seat belts failed during a car accident? Were you or a loved one seriously injured or worse as a result? You may have a case against the auto manufacturer for installing a defective safety device in your vehicle. The Board Certified trial lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP understand that taking legal action can be intimidating, especially when it involves a major corporation, but are fully prepared to fight on your behalf. We have a strong track record of success handling defective product cases and will not back down when we accept a case.

Call (888) 741-6200 to discuss your case during a no-cost consultation. Our Texas auto product liability lawyers will evaluate your circumstances and determine the best course of action for you to take. Do not wait.

What Causes Seat Belt Failure?

It is well known that seat belts can and do save lives. That is why it is so devastating when a seat belt malfunctions when the driver or passenger needs it most. At Williams & Brown LLP, our knowledgeable legal team can work with a network of auto accident specialists and experts in order to investigate the cause your injuries and losses.

Common seat belt defects include:

  • Defective or false latch
  • Seat belt made from faulty material
  • Errors during manufacturing or assembly
  • Accidental unlatching buckle
  • Retractor or pretensioner error (Becoming too loose)
  • Seat belt detaches from anchor points or mount

Negligent manufacturers, distributors or designers may be responsible for allowing a life-threatening safety device to be installed in your vehicle.

How Much is Your Texas Defective Seat Belt Injury Case Worth?

The amount of money you can get for a seat belt defect case will ultimately depend on the extent of the damages you have suffered as a result. This can include current and future expenses, such as medical bills, lost time at work, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and funeral costs. A strong legal representative will be able to defend your right to full and fair compensation for the injuries and other damages you have sustained.

Decades of Experience on Your Side

With the Waco personal injury attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP on your side, you and your family can focus on recovering and rebuilding your lives. We have helped numerous clients receive multimillion dollar verdicts after they have been seriously injured by a defective auto product. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your loved ones. If we accept your case it is because we are confident that we can reach the best possible outcome and we will put our decades of experience and extensive resources to work for you. Please call (888) 741-6200 today.

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