What Our Clients Say

"My family and I were involved in a terrible crash that killed my husband and injured me and my children. It was devastating, and we wanted to know what happened. We researched lawyers and interviewed several different ones.

The first time I met Mrs. Brown, or Laura as she asked us to call her, I knew right away she was the attorney and the helping Hand we needed to go forward with our situation. She traveled to meet us in our home instead of making us travel to meet her. She was both professional and friendly on a personal level the entire time as we went through the process all the way to trial. The jury found for us.
There were stories about our case in different newspapers. I got an email from a friend to let me know that the company her boyfriend worked for had actually changed their company policy to make it safer as a result of our case.
We still keep in contact with Laura and I feel like she is a little part of our family now."

-Sharla G.

Case Results

$ 10,300,000

Severe injuries to infant by suffocating on his own umbilical cord


Paralysis caused by pharmacy error

$ 19,800,000

Severe burn from a defective product