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Category: Slip and Fall Accident

Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls This Holiday Season

How common are slip and fall accidents over the holidays? The answer is very common, according to several Texas chiropractors.

There are many possible reasons that fall injuries increase during the holidays.  The weather is often a contributing factor, when rain, slush, or even snow makes walkways slippery.  More people are climbing ladders to put up holiday decorations, which mean an increased risk of people falling from those heights.  Spills in the kitchen during holiday cooking can cause someone to slip, as can wrapping paper strewn around the floor while wrapping or unwrapping gifts.  And dim holiday lighting can make everyday hazards tougher to see, increasing the chances of a fall.

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Five Easy Ways to Help Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen in an instant – but the consequences can linger for years or even be fatal.  Falls are particularly dangerous for older Americans, ranking as the number one cause of death for Americans 65 and older and sending over 8.9 million people to the emergency room in 2011 alone.

Experienced Texas slip and fall accident attorneys recommend that families take simple steps to help protect themselves and others from the dangers of a slip and fall accident.  Here are five easy ways to help reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury in your own home:

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