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Texas Dental Malpractice Attorney

Dental Negligence and Malpractice

Going to the dentist is hard enough for most people. If you’ve experienced any kind of unnecessary trauma or injury at the hands of a dental physician or assistant, you may never visit one again. The Waco personal injury attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP sympathize with your situation and can help you hold those accountable to the highest letter of the law. Dental malpractice is the same as any other medical malpractice – an individual charged with your care and well-being was negligent or worse, deliberately malicious in the course of their duties. The pain and embarrassment you feel is a direct result of their poor choices and incompetence. We find this unacceptable and we wish to help.

Call the offices of Williams & Brown LLP and discover the options and legal rights you have available. Dental malpractice is a serious deviation and needs to be dealt with swiftly before more people are injured. Call today – the number is (888) 741-6200.

What is Dental Malpractice?

Doctors are human and, as a result, make mistakes. It is a fact of life. But if the mistake is grossly out of order or the result of deliberate recklessness, the person could be considered negligent in their actions. With that said, dental malpractice, like medical malpractice, occurs when a dentist fails in his or her duties in such a manner to be considered negligent - with negligence being the key to any malpractice suit.

In dentistry, malpractice can occur in any number of ways, all of which are traumatic and completely unnecessary. The following are just a sample of the types of lawsuits that can come from dental negligence:

  • Improper measuring and use of anesthesia
  • Surgical mistakes of any kind
  • Unsanitary conditions in any part of the office or examination rooms
  • Pulling the wrong teeth or performing unnecessary extractions
  • Failure to diagnose oral or mouth cancer in a timely fashion
  • Irreversible damage to the jaw, lips or tongue

How Long Do I Have To File?

As is the case with most personal injury cases, in the state of Texas you have approximately two years in which to file your suit with the court. This is known as the statute of limitations. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, the established limit is held up in most cases. To that end, we highly recommend you speak with the dental malpractice attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP as soon as possible. By tackling the case now, you can avoid forfeiting your right to file and strengthen your case by collecting relevant evidence before it is lost or discarded. Furthermore, you have a right to remedy your pain and suffering by way of financial compensation – why wait any longer than necessary?

How Much Money Can I Expect?

This all depends on the severity of your injuries and the degree in which the dentist in question was negligent. In most cases, economic damages are awarded for any additional surgeries or medical procedures you require following the incident. Non-economic damages are levied for the unquantifiable damages you may experience through pain and suffering or loss of wages. Finally, if the negligence was particularly egregious the courts may place punitive damages against the defendant.

Do Not Delay - Call Williams & Brown LLP

Dental malpractice can be extraordinarily painful and potentially embarrassing. You need not go it alone, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem. Contact Williams & Brown LLP today and we can provide a no-cost consultation to review your case and offer the best possible options. Call (888) 741-6200 or (254) 741-6200 for more information.

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