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Texas Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyers

Overloaded Truck Wreck

Semi trucks crisscross Texas every day, going through every city and covering the I-10, I-35 and every other highway. These vehicles can pose a major hazard on the road, even when they're being driven safely. However, major mistakes can make trucks far more hazardous and lead to severe crashes. Among the many hazardous actions taken, overloading a truck can lead to some of the worst crashes on the road. If you or a loved one has become the victim of such an crash, you deserve skilled legal representation. With the help of a Texas truck accident lawyer at Williams & Brown LLP, you can protect your rights and find the compensation needed to pay for your serious injuries, medical treatment, financial damage, and more. By calling (254) 741-6200, you can receive a no-cost consultation giving you in-depth information gained from years of legal success.

Why is Overloading Dangerous?

Trucks are constructed to carry a large amount of objects and far heavier loads than what any other vehicle is capable of carrying. However, there are still limits to how much a truck can handle. Whether it is by accident or on purpose, many tractor trailers take to the roads carrying too much, which is illegal, and endanger anyone around them. By law, there can only be a certain amount of weight above each axle of a tractor trailer.

In open bed trucks, items may be stacked high above the sides or over the edges of the vehicle in order to carry as big or a load as possible. However, even if these are strapped down tight, they pose a major threat. If they fall off, they could strike another vehicle or become an obstacle in the roadway, leading to a crash. If they stick out from the truck, they may strike passing cars, causing damage and a loss of control.

In closed trailers or even open beds, the issue may not be the amount of items, but rather their weight. If there is too much weight being carried, the truck may become far more difficult to handle, leading to an accident. Additionally, the extra weight may cause the truck to brake far more slowly, leading to a rear-end collision. Should the heavy loads shift within the truck, it can cause the driver to lose control and crash.

Proving Truck Company Liability in Texas

In order to find success in your case against a trucking company, you should determine whether someone in the company or the company itself caused the overloading and that this is what caused the collision. Any and all of the following can be the cause of the overloading and therefore be responsible for your injuries.

  • Trucking Company - Companies may order that trucks be loaded with more product than is safe. Often, this is due to wanting to maximize the profitability of a delivery. Companies may encourage or force drivers or other workers to load up more.
  • Truck Drivers - Drivers may choose to add more to their load in an effort to increase their pay or status in a company. In other cases, they may be unaware of what the legal load is for the vehicle they are driving.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers - If the truck or trailer is improperly manufactured or designed, it may be unable to properly hold a typical load. Companies and drivers may be unaware of accidentally overloading if they do not know about this defect or there are no guidelines given for the truck.

Fighting Back Against Trucking Companies

If you have been harmed in a truck crash, you will have to go up against a trucking company in your effort to prove fault and find compensation. Trucking companies will not admit fault easily, but with help from the Texas overloaded truck accident attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP, you can have the skilled help that will being success.

Call our legal team at (888) 751-6200 and start your case off right through a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. To learn more about our firm, visit our About Us page, or review our Client Reviews to see how we've helped our clients in the past.

Trucking Accident Lawyers In Texas