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Waco Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers

Jackknife Collision

After suffering injury in a jackknife truck accident, pursuing compensation from those responsible through a claim or lawsuit can feel intimidating. Luckily, help is available and you may be able to get money for damages associated with the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of the crash. At Williams & Brown LLP, our Waco truck accident attorneys champion our clients’ cases, applying our many years of experience to utilizing effective case strategies. If you are seeking more information about your legal right and options, call (888) 741-6200 for a no-cost consultation.

Getting Started with Your Case

If your jackknife wreck was caused by a negligent truck driver, improper truck maintenance/repair, or a trucking company’s oversight, among other causes, you may have legal grounds to file a claim or pursue a lawsuit.

Proving fault and legal responsibility in a jackknife truck accident case can be intricate. Trucking companies have their own defenses in place and will turn to attorneys and insurance companies to help preserve their business reputation. The Waco jackknife truck accident lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP help level the playing field for our clients when up against trucking companies and insurance adjusters.

Repairing Your Losses in Texas

Because of the severe nature of jackknife truck accidents, injuries sustained by accident survivors are commonly catastrophic. Whether a person suffers a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bones, or other serious harm, the damages and losses can significantly alter quality of life.

To help offset these consequences, an individual may receive compensation for fees associated with surgery, physical therapy, hospitalization, and other forms of medical care and treatment. Money may also be provided to compensate for past and future losses in earnings and benefits if a person can no longer work due to their injuries or requires a lengthy period of time away from work to recover.

Compensation is often awarded for pain and suffering; loss of consortium; emotional distress; and other damages for wounds that can go beyond what is seen on the surface.

Get the Money You Deserve

After a truck crash, it is important not to settle for less than what you deserve and need. The effects of such a serious accident exist much longer than the actual crash itself. Thorough medical examinations and evidence can help highlight the ways in which your injuries may worsen at a later point or demonstrate the need for long-term care to prevent it from worsening.

Insurance companies may be quick to jump to conclusions as to undermining the seriousness of your situation. Insurance adjustors may be polite, but they often offer low settlement amounts if they are not prolonging or denying legitimate claims affecting real people.

Our Texas Truck Accident Attorneys Have A Reputation You Can Rely On

In our many years of experience protecting the rights of our clients, we have established ourselves in the community as hard-working and diplomatic attorneys. At Williams & Brown LLP, our Texas personal injury attorneys have the skills, resources, and knowledge to go up against insurance companies and large trucking companies. To learn more about how we may be able to make a difference in your case, fill out a contact form or call our office at (254) 741-6200.

Trucking Accident Lawyers In Texas