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Waco, TX Aviation Accident Lawyer

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As one of the most catastrophic incidents to shake the innocent, aviation accidents often result in wrongful death, leaving families with many unanswered questions. Aviation accidents can also cause serious injuries to those onboard the aircraft as well as those below on the ground. If you are seeking information about whether you have a case, the skilled Texas personal injury lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP are here to help. As a results-oriented law firm, we pride ourselves in pooling all of our resources and giving our clients the personal attention they deserve. Call (254) 741-6200 or (888) 741-6200 for a free consultation today.

Aviation accidents, whether they involve a helicopter, private plane, or airliner, are highly complex cases when negligence is identified as the cause.

Handling the Complexities of Your Texas Plane Accident Case

Those responsible for such tragedies are rarely willing to admit fault and take the blame without a fight. This is one of many reasons why injured individuals and family members of wrongful death victims seek legal counsel and representation.

An experienced Texas personal injury lawyer may consult with aviation and engineering experts as well as gather the proper evidence and accident reconstruction frameworks. Because the time following a plane crash can be devastating, it is important for attorneys to make the legal process as smooth as possible.

Find Out if You Have a Case

Whether you believe the accident was caused by pilot error; mechanical failure; poor maintenance or repair; inadequate training; plane part defects; ground control error; or other causes, you may have a legitimate cause to file a claim or pursue a lawsuit. Legal action may also be taken for plane disappearances. While insurance companies may offer a settlement, you may be entitled to a much larger sum of compensation for the extent of the damages and losses suffered previously and in the future.

What Compensation Can You Get in Texas After an Aviation Accident?

For families who are left to grieve the loss of their loved one in a plane accident, they may receive compensation for pain and suffering; lost wages and benefits; funeral expenses; and other damages. Although no amount of money can undo the heartbreak, families may find a sense of justice and closure through legal action as a part of their grieving process.

Because aviation accidents often result in catastrophic injuries for those onboard or on the ground, lengthy medical care and treatment may be compensated for to help relieve the burden of medical bills and other expenses. Compensation may also be obtained for loss of income and wages if a person needs time off of work or can no longer work because of their injuries. Money may be awarded for forms of emotional distress, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and others.

TX Aviation Accident Attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP - With Our Clients Every Step of the Way

During such an impossible time, there is hope for holding negligent parties legally responsible for their oversight and recklessness. At Williams & Brown LLP, our Waco, Texas aviation accident attorneys champion our clients' cases, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. To find out more about your legal rights and options, we welcome you to fill out a contact form to tell us about your case. We are committed to the well-being of our clients and the success of their cases.

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