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What If Your Condition Wasn't Diagnosed?

If you or a loved one has suffered serious losses because of a medical professional’s failure to diagnose, get in touch with the legal team at Williams & Brown LLP by calling (888) 741-6200 or (254) 741-6200. Through a free consultation, you will be able to learn more about how our Waco failure to diagnose attorneys can help you and what legal actions you are entitled to take. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about our attorneys and our firm.

If your medical condition was not properly diagnosed, you may have a claim and should contact a Texas medical malpractice attorney immediately.

Medical professionals have a duty to provide the best care possible when treating a patient. But that care all starts with an appropriate diagnosis of illness or injury. Should a medical professional fail to provide a proper diagnosis, a patient can experience serious and possibly fatal repercussions.

Devastating Repercussions

Proper diagnosis is the crux of all successful medical care. If a doctor does not know what a person is suffering from, or believes that he or she is suffering from the incorrect injury or illness, major damage can occur.

If an injury (most often internal) or an illness is never found by a doctor, it can continue to worsen until its symptoms are unmistakable. Unfortunately, getting to this stage is never good for a patient. Injuries and illnesses that are not treated can cause major and permanent damage to parts of the body, leading to disabilities or possibly death. Additionally, being unaware of these may cause doctors to prescribe treatments that improve known conditions while worsening the hidden ones.

If the illness or injury is improperly diagnosed and believed to be a different condition, the wrong treatment may be prescribed. This can become ineffective in the best cases and cause the damage to worsen beyond what was originally possible in the worst cases.

Patients affected by a failure to diagnose will frequently be left with far worse injuries than if they were properly diagnosed in a timely manner. Additionally, more intense medical care will often be needed in order to recuperate with these terrible losses, leading to even more costs and debt.

Holding Hospitals and Medical Professionals Responsible

In failure to diagnose cases, the medical professionals who were negligent in their diagnosis and the organizations they work for are responsible for your losses. While they may not have caused your original injury, they are responsible for it worsening and causing greater damage.

Through medical records and testimonies that prove you were improperly diagnosed, you may show how and why the mistake was made. Additionally, keeping records of your injury or illness and the difficulties you experience may show that the failure to diagnose was the cause of your worsening condition. By making a convincing and solid case, you may be able to prove fault and be entitled to receive compensation by the medical professional and his or her insurance company. This will pay for your past and future losses so that you can receive essential treatment and do not needlessly suffer serious debts.

Texas Attorneys Dedicated to Your Recovery

The Texas medical malpractice attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP are ready and able to help you begin the road to recovery and proving fault. With our assistance, you can overcome the obstacles set up by hospitals and their insurance providers so that you can receive the compensation that you both deserve and need. Call (254) 741-6200 and get the insight you need for building a better case with a greater chance for success.

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