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Waco Anesthesia Error Lawyers

Get Legal Help If You've Suffered from an Anesthesia Error

When an anesthesiologist commits a preventable medical error, the error can result in devastating injury, profound brain damage or even death. Many times, the person who administers anesthesia is not a medical doctor. Certified nurse anesthetists are often employed by hospitals and assigned by the hospital to administer anesthesia to patients during surgical procedures. Most patients don't know that the hospital personnel administering the anesthesia and monitoring the patient during the procedure may not be doctors.

The Danger of Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia errors may occur during pre-operative preparation, during the surgical procedure, and during the post-operative recovery. Serious injuries can happen if the anesthesiologist fails to educate the patient about food and alcohol restrictions before the patient is given anesthesia. Patients can aspirate contents from the stomach into the respiratory tract resulting in lack of oxygen and brain injury. Another common type of anesthesia error is the failure to properly monitor the patient's oxygenation during and after the surgical procedure to protect patient from injuries caused by the inadequate oxygenation.

Other common types of anesthesia errors include:

  • Administering too much or too little of the anesthetic
  • Delayed delivery of anesthesia
  • Anesthesia awareness where a patient remains awake and in pain during surgery
  • Failure to prevent anesthesia interactions such as those with prescription drugs

Texas Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical insurance premiums for anesthesiologists are generally high because anesthesia related medical errors can result in permanent physical injury, brain damage or death. Because of the severe injuries commonly associated with anesthesia errors, claims for anesthesia malpractice can be substantial when patients suffer permanent injuries or death. Patients who survive may have extensive medical bills, may require long-term medical care, may have permanent disability and may have lost wages and diminished future earning capacity due to the inability to return to work. The law allows the patient or the patient's family to file a medical negligence claim or a wrongful death claim to recover the damages caused by the negligence of the hospital or the anesthesiologist.

These types of cases are complex and difficult to prove. Patients who are victims of medical negligence and their families need support, guidance, and counsel from an experienced Texas medical malpractice lawyer. For the claim to be successful, plaintiffs must prove that the anesthesiologist made a preventable medical error that should not have occurred.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death during or after the administration of anesthesia, make sure you research your legal options. The experienced Waco medical malpractice attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP are dedicated to helping people who have been injured by medical negligence. We can help you investigate your situation to determine if you have a valid medical negligence claim and, if so, pursue compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses as allowed by law.

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