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Our Clients

Our clients are people who have been hurt in serious accidents, babies injured at birth, people hurt by medical errors, and people seriously hurt through no fault of their own. Our clients are people who believe that the person or company responsible should be held accountable. They want fairness, and they need justice. So don't just take our word for it. Listen to their honest reviews about how we handled their cases.

Our Client's Stories

What People Have Written About Us

“My family and I were involved in a terrible crash that killed my husband and injured me and my children. It was devastating, and we wanted to know what happened. We researched lawyers and interviewed several different ones. The first time I met Mrs. Brown, or Laura as she asked us to call her, I knew right away she was the attorney and the helping Hand we needed to go forward with our situation. She traveled to meet us in our home instead of making us travel to meet her. She was both professional and friendly on a personal level the entire time as we went through the process all the way to trial. The jury found for us.

There were stories about our case in different newspapers. I got an email from a friend to let me know that the company her boyfriend worked for had actually changed their company policy to make it safer as a result of our case.

We still keep in contact with Laura and I feel like she is a little part of our family now.”

Sharla G.

“A friend referred us to the firm. These lawyers were down home, very understanding and easy to talk to. If my husband or I had any problems, we could call them day or night. They never kept us in the dark and always made sure we knew what was going on.”

Tina Taylor

“...expertise, experience, integrity and caring...long proven to be able to achieve the best result available for each client within the facts and the law. These lawyers really understand what it means to be professionals and advocates.”

Brad Toben
Dean of Baylor Law School

“In my layman's judgment, this firm has done an extremely good job representing their clients... They are a classy bunch...You cannot find a higher quality of people...”

John Dagley
Trust Officer, Community Bank & Trust

This Firm “has long been on my short list of the best trial firms Texas has to offer. I would never hesitate to entrust to them any case, however large or complex. They truly are lawyers of the first class.”

Tommy Jacks
The Jacks Law Group

“They really cared about me. They went the extra mile, trying every avenue they could to work on my case. They were very understanding and I would gladly refer friends to their firm.”

Jane Gates

“We had just been home about an hour when the call came. It was the call that would change our lives forever. It was the call that no parent ever wants to get. Our son was in a wreck, he and his family were less than 30 minutes from home. His wife and kids were being transported to hospitals. Our son was not. “He did not make it” those are the words that we were told. The world stopped. You may not have felt it but our family did. When it resumed moving again, we started to find out what happened to him. It was a woman driver who was drunk. She lost control of her car, he tried to get out of her way but she hit them anyway. In the course of a couple of days, as we were trying to make sense of what happened, we also were told that she had been at work, was drunk, and had been released from her work place to drive the 30+ miles to her home. Seems she was causing a problem for them at work.

We went into the legal process of getting her put in prison for the killing of our son. During that time we were advised that we might want to get a civil attorney. The reason was the place of business she worked might be liable for her being on the road. So we started asking questions on how we find an attorney as we have not had to do that before. We had a few names recommended to us so we called them and set up some interviews. We also went on line and found some there. We interviewed about 6 different attorneys over the course of a couple of weeks.

One of the attorneys was Laura Brown from the Williams & Brown Firm. We were immediately impressed with her. She met with us at our home. Laura was professional right from the start. She came with information that we were not even aware of yet, she had already done some investigating of what had happened that awful day and she presented it to us. But the first thing we saw was her compassion. She truly cared about us, a grieving family, and wanted to make sure we were represented in a way that honored our son’s life. After a second interview with her we knew Laura Brown with Williams and Brown was the right attorney for our family. From that day forward Laura was extremely diligent in looking into every aspect of what had happened that day that caused the wreck that killed our son and injured his family. Laura kept us informed on what she was doing and why. She was always available to us when we needed to talk and ask questions on what was taking place with the investigation and then with what to expect when we went to trial. One thing that stood out about her firm was that they were after the truth of what happened that day. What caused the drunk driver to be on the road? Despite all the evidence that the defense attorneys tried to dispute and get thrown out of the court case, Laura was always ready to fight back. The judge ruled in our favor over and over again because of Laura’s always being professional and prepared. Williams and Brown presented our case to the jury and came away with a unanimous decision in our favor. The result of Laura Brown and Dale Williams being able to get the unanimous decision has proven to have had a snowball effect with businesses. We have heard reports of many businesses reviewing and then enforcing their policy on what to do if an employee is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

We recommend anyone that feels they have a situation like we did to actually interview several Law firms. Laura Brown and Dale Williams proved to be the right one for us, and we highly recommend them. Thank you Laura and Dale for your compassion, your integrity, your professionalism, and your willingness to search out the truth and let it be known!”

Cliff and Linda G.

“I've worked with these lawyers and I've worked against them. I've learned to regard this firm as one of the very best trial firms in Texas.”

Matt Dawson
Dawson & Sodd, LLP

“I would put these lawyers at the top of the list...They are very good lawyers.”

Ronnie Crawford
Former Managing Partner of Pattillo, Brown & Hill, L.L.P. accounting firm

This firm “has been one of the outstanding trial firms in Central Texas for many years...”

Wayne Fisher
Fisher, Boyd, Johnson & Huguenard, LLP

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