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Category: Toxic Tort

Four Easy Ways to Reduce Lead Poisoning Risks for Children

Texas Lead PoisoningBoth children and adults can suffer the negative effects of lead poisoning. Lead is a heavy metal that can be toxic if it builds up in the body, causing nerve damage and other serious or even fatal symptoms. Many consumer products contain lead, and despite laws limiting lead content in items like children’s toys, defective products with dangerously high lead levels can still cause harm.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product, an experienced Texas personal injury attorney can become your strongest ally. To reduce the risks of lead poisoning in the ones you love, you can also follow some simple tips, like:

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OSHA’s Proposed Rule Against Toxic Silica Dust

Waco Toxic Tort AttorneyThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed a new safety regulation that would drastically reduce the exposure limit for airborne crystalline silica in all industries. The toxic dust has been linked to silicosis, an incurable and often fatal lung disease that threatens nearly 2.2 million workers in the U.S.

What is Silica?

Silica is a mineral found in sand, rock, and other ores, such as quartz, which are commonly used in a wide range of industrial operations.

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