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Build-A-Bear at the Richland Mall and Help Put a Smile on a Child’s Face!

Build-A-Bear Richland MallWilliams & Brown LLP is proud to be involved with charitable organizations outside of the courtroom.  One of those organizations is the Molly Martinsen Foundation.

From October 24th through the 31st, the Build-A-Bear store at the Richland Mall in Waco will be hosting an event in association with the Molly Martinsen Foundation.  The goal of this event is simple: lovingly create 500 bears to be donated to Cook Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.  These bears will then be given to brave children who are currently battling serious illness.  Last year’s event collected more than 150 bears for children, but this year the Molly Martinsen Foundation and Build-A-Bear are hoping to more than triple that.

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Make Halloween and Harvest Day Festivals a Treat – Not a Trick

Safe Trick or TreatingFall holidays like Halloween and Harvest Day give children the chance to have fun dressing up, collecting treats, and enjoying parties with their friends.  This October, help keep the kids and adults you love safe during the festivities.  Experienced Texas injury attorneys recommend planning your holiday fun with these tips in mind:

Costume Safety

Make sure children’s costumes are made of flame-retardant material.  Masks and costume props should not obstruct a child’s vision, and swords and other accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.  Make sure children can walk safely in their costumes and that costumes are equipped with reflective tape or lights to make them easier for drivers to see.

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3 Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Texas Summer Heat

Waco Personal InjuryWith the summer season here, Texans are bracing themselves for the scorching, triple-digit heat that is sure to come. Some are planning trips up north to escape the southern heat, while others are making a mad rush to the nearest air conditioning unit retailer. Those are certainly options; however, there are better ways to stay cool that don’t involve travelling out of state or racking up a killer electricity bill. Texas offers plenty of activities for you to enjoy while staying cool and comfortable in the sweltering summer sun.

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The 4 Best Barbecue Joints in Texas

Texas Personal InjuryIn Texas, barbecue isn’t just a backyard activity, it’s an institution, and a contentious one at that. Different regions of Texas have their own styles and preferences, though beef brisket remains the king of cooked meats throughout the whole state. Delve deep into the barbecue world and you’ll come across numerous factions, each one strongly devoted to their own idea of what constitutes perfect barbecue: sauce vs. no sauce, dry rub vs. baste, sweet vs. spicy, and so on. But who does barbecue best? Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but we believe we’ve come up with the top barbecue spots you can find in the Lone Star State.

Kreuz Market

This Lockhart mainstay dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It’s one of the oldest and most respected barbecue joints in the state. The place is known for its exceptional, perfectly cooked meats, and also known for its steadfast resistance against sauce. If you want to request sauce on your barbecue here, you’ll have no such luck. This joint operates on a strict BYOS policy.

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3 Texas Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Texas Personal InjuryTexans are commonly misunderstood by people who don’t live in the Lone Star State. There are plenty of misconceptions, stereotypes, myths – call it what you will – surrounding Texans, thanks to the movies and television shows that popularize images of Texans. Not all Texans holster six-shooters and wear cowboy hats and boots.

Like any other state, the people in Texas have various personalities, occupations, and hobbies. So, if you’re an outsider, please regard each Texan as an individual and flush the following stereotypes and myths from your mind.

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