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Category: Brain Injury

Protect Your Head During National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month

TBI Awareness MonthWinter sports participation reaches its peak in January, which is also recognized as National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month.  Whether you head into colder climates to enjoy outdoor skiing or snowboarding, or you head indoors for ice skating and hockey, winter sports offer great fun and exercise in the next coming months.

Experienced Texas brain injury lawyers know that the chances of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) increase when winter sports participants don’t have the proper safety equipment or aren’t given the safety information they need. The consequences of a traumatic brain injury can be severe.  Even a mild concussion caused by a light blow to the head can cause problems with mood, concentration, thought, and memory.  A severe concussion can cause permanent problems with movement and cognition – or even, in the worst cases, death.

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University of Texas at Austin Joins Traumatic Brain Injury Research Initiative

Personal InjuryThe University of Texas at Austin recently became one of 11 public and private research universities in the United States to share in a $17 million Department of Defense research grant.  The researchers will focus on prevention, treatment, and understanding of traumatic brain injuries – a fact that helps many experienced Texas traumatic brain injury lawyers feel hopeful for many of their clients.

The goals of the partnership include improving how clinical trials are run and developing better treatments for traumatic brain injury.  Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) send 2.5 million Americans to the emergency room every year.  Millions more, including many combat veterans and professional athletes, live with the ongoing effects of a severe injury that, currently, has no cure.

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