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4 Common Causes of Texas Broken Bone Injuries

While most broken bone injuries will heal normally, there are some accident victims who suffer more complex and significant broken bone injuries. A compound break (a broken bone that sticks out of the skin) or a break in a weight-bearing joint like the hip can lead to serious complications. These types of broken bones can leave people in debilitating pain that can severely impact their quality of life.

Common Causes of Texas Broken Bone Injuries

Williams & Brown LLP have helped many people who’ve suffered broken bones pursue personal injury claims. Here are the most common causes of broken bones our clients have faced over the years:

Car accidents: broken bones are probably the most common injury related to motor vehicle accidents. In an accident, a person can easily break a bone by striking the interior of the vehicle or by being ejected from the car if they weren’t wearing a seat belt. Broken bones in the chest and face can also be caused by airbags.
Slips, Trips, and Falls: people can easily break bones after a slip, trip, or fall at home, work, or out in public. Bones in the wrists and hands are most commonly broken in these accidents, caused by people trying to brace themselves before hitting a hard surface. Hip fractures and skull fractures are also common in slip, trip, and fall accident injuries.
Sports injuries: according to the National Health Institute (NIH), sports injuries are the most common cause of broken bones in people under the age of 18. The most commonly broken bones in sports injuries are in the fingers, wrists, and legs. Bones can easily get broken during impacts like football tackles, or bracing for falls.
Assault: unfortunately, violent acts are one of the most common causes of broken bone injuries. People who get mugged or attacked commonly suffer broken bones, especially fractured skulls from being struck in the head. People fighting back during an assault can also suffer broken bones in the hands or wrists.

Contact an Experienced Texas Broken Bone Injury Attorney

Williams & Brown LLP is ready to help you help you evaluate your injuries and your potential claims after a broken bone injury. Contact us today at (888) 741-6200.

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