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To Protect Kids From Injury, Start With Their Toys

Every experienced Texas product liability lawyer can remember a beloved childhood toy, and every Texas grownup who loves a child wants to give him, or her, the same wonderful experience.  As the holidays approach, keep safety in mind to ensure that the toys you give as gifts this year are safe enough to offer only happy memories – not the danger of injury.

Here are some ways to ensure that toys are safe for kids:

  • Choose the right toys for the right child.  Think about the child’s age, interests, and skills.
  • Check for quality design and construction.  Good toys should be made to take a beating without breaking, ripping, or producing sharp edges or small parts that could harm a child.  Choose toys that will survive long enough to be passed down to a sibling or grandchild.
  • Make sure the toy has not been recalled.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web page, http://www.cpsc.gov, keeps an updated list of toys that have been recalled for posing dangers to kids.  Check the list before you give a toy to make sure there is no recall.
  • Read the labels.  Toy labels often list age recommendations and other helpful safety information.  Look for labels like “flame retardant,” “flame resistant,” “washable,” and “hygienic materials” on toys.
  • Avoid the “big five” for children under five.  For young kids, do not give toys with sharp edges, cords or strings, small parts, sharp points, or loud noises.  Make sure a child who receives a toy with any of these qualities is capable of understanding the risks and of playing safely with the toy.

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