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What is Surgical Negligence?

Can I file a lawsuit for a surgical error?Nothing is guaranteed in medicine. Even medical treatments and surgical procedures with high success rates carry a certain percentage of risk. However, according to the National Institute of Medicine, patient deaths caused by preventable medical errors may actually exceed the number of deaths associated with auto accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS combined. Preventable medical errors may occur during surgical procedures, which can cause considerable injury and permanent damage to a patient. But in the event of injury or death, how can injured patients or surviving family members distinguish the inherent risks of surgery from a preventable medical error?

In order to have a valid medical malpractice claim involving surgical errors, it is important to have evidence that the medical professional violated the accepted standards of practice at any time prior, during, or after the operation.

For example, if a patient suffers from infection following a surgery, it does not necessarily mean that the surgeons, nurses, or hospital staff was negligent during their care and treatment of the patient. It must be proven that a medical professional failed to perform his or her duties competently.

Examples of surgical negligence include:

  • Poor monitoring of patient before, during, or after procedure
  • Wrong site operation
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Poor training or experience
  • Error in surgical technique
  • Leaving items inside patient after surgery

Medical malpractice is a particularly complex area of law and required an experienced and dedicated legal team to handle even the seemingly simplest of cases. If you believe that you or a family member has suffered an injury or worse due to surgical negligence, please do not wait to consult with the Texas medical malpractice lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP Contact us online or by dialing (888) 741-6200.

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