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Winter Safety for Texan Motorcyclists

Texas Motorcycle AttorneyAvid motorcyclists don’t let the changing seasons keep them off the road, even with record lows and arctic temperatures hitting Texas and the rest of the nation.

However, it is important that motorcyclists of all ages and skill-levels pay attention to the weather when planning to venture out this winter.

Whether you are heading out on your daily commute or making a long trip, remember to drive carefully and defensively.

The following tips will help keep you and other drivers safe during the colder months:

  • Always check local weather conditions before hitting the road and know when to stay home. Waiting for better conditions is always a better idea than putting your life at risk.
  • Prepare for the colder temperatures by installing a windshield and hand guards to protect against wind chill. Make sure the anti-freeze is fresh and well mixed and check all the hoses for leaks.
  • Watch out for salt on the road.  Salt may help the ice melt, but it can also cause serious damage to your motorcycle. Be sure to wash your bike after riding on salt to avoid corrosion.
  • Warm your tires by accelerating and decelerating a few times before heading out on the open road. Cold tires have much less traction and can easily contribute to a collision if you are unable to slow or stop in time while in traffic.
  • Look further ahead while you are riding in the winter to catch potential hazards with plenty of time to slow down. Increase the distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road as well to accommodate for reduced stopping time.

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