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Texas Auto Accident Internal Organ Injury Attorneys

Internal Damage to Vital Organs in a Car Wreck

Not all serious injuries suffered in Texas car accidents are immediately apparent. This is very true in the case of internal injuries. While you can see when you’ve suffered severe cuts or bone fractures, it’s not always clear when you have suffered internal damage to your vital organs. These types of injuries can prove fatal and they often have life-changing, long-term consequences for victims. Damage to the liver, spleen, kidneys and lungs can happen in a car accident.

If you suffered internal injuries in a car crash, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages and losses. The experienced Texas car accident lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP have successfully handled these types of cases and helped severely injured clients obtain maximum compensation. Contact us today at (888) 741-6200.

Understanding Internal Injuries

Depending on the severity of the injury, car accident victims can begin to immediately suffer from internal bleeding. When there is serious internal bleeding, immediate surgical intervention may be required. In fact, many internal injuries are potentially life threatening and require a swift and accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan.

The five most vital organs in the human body are the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. Any injury to these organs is a medical emergency. You can also suffer fatal trauma to your spleen, intestines, stomach, pancreas, colon, bladder and blood vessels. These organs can suffer blunt trauma upon impact or penetrating trauma if glass or metal goes through the skin during the crash.

Crashes That Cause Internal Injuries

You can suffer trauma in a Texas car accident and suffer internal injuries if you’re involved in a high-speed collision and are held in place by your seatbelt, if your body hits the interior of your car or if you are ejected from your vehicle during the crash. There are many cases in which victims suffer internal injuries in relatively low-speed collisions and fail to notice their injury until their symptoms get much worse. That is why all victims of car crashes should seek out medical attention right away and discuss all of their symptoms with a doctor.

Treatment for internal injuries to vital organs can prove costly. Victims often require surgery, lengthy hospitalization and expensive rehabilitation to recover from these severe injuries. In some cases, victims may not be able to return to work or continue to earn a living. Even the best insurance policies may not cover all of the expenses related to these types of injuries. Victims should research their legal options. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your current and future medical losses by filing a personal injury claim.

Contacting an Experienced Waco Car Accident Injury Lawyer

A Texas car accident attorney can help you secure fair compensation for all of your physical, financial and emotional losses. Dangerous drivers or other at-fault parties can be held liable in such cases for medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, permanent injury, disability, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Please call Williams & Brown LLP at (888) 741-6200 for more information about your legal rights.

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