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Waco Car Accident Bone Fracture Lawyer

Compensation for Broken Bones in a Texas Car Accident

Williams & Brown LLP has helped many people who've broken bones in Texas car accidents. Over the years, we've commonly seen broken legs, ribs, and arms after car accidents. The speed of cars involved in an accident, the angle of impact, and whether other cars or objects were also struck in a crash all play a part in broken bone injury severity.

Broken Bones in Vehicle Accidents

Here are some of the other common broken bone injuries we've seen our clients suffer over the years:

  • Tibia/fibula fracture: other wise known as broken legs, these fractures happen when the front of a car crumples in an accident.
  • Rib fractures: impact with a seat belt or airbag can leave people in accidents with broken ribs, or a broken sternum.
  • Hip/pelvis fracture: impact with the dashboard or side of a car can cause broken bones near a person's waist.
  • Facial/skull fractures: these injures commonly happen to people not wearing seat belts who strikes the windshield or are ejected from the car in a crash.
  • Wrist/arm fractures: these injuries are among the most common broken bones in car crashes. They're usually caused by people bracing themselves for impact.
  • Spinal fractures: injuries to the discs in the spine are common in car accidents.

Different Types of Bone Breaks

  • Compound fracture: also called open fractures, these are breaks where the bone sticks out and pierces the skin. These injuries sometimes cause open wounds.
  • Comminuted fracture: breaks where the bone shatters into more than three pieces.
  • Impacted fracture: also called buckle fractures, these are injuries where the ends of broken bones are driven into each other.
  • Stable fracture: breaks where the broken ends of a bone line up in place.
  • Greenstick fracture: an incomplete break where the bone is bent. These injuries usually happen to children.

Contact an Experienced Texas Car Accident Attorney

Williams & Brown LLP have secured financial settlements for many people who've broken bones in Texas car wrecks. We've helped people get the financial compensation they needed to heal and move on. Call our Waco car wreck lawyers today at (888) 741-6200.

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